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   Youth Classes
FALL SEMESTER  (8 Classes/8 Weeks) 

DAY:                Tuesday
TIME:               5:00-6:30p
DATES:            Aug 15 - Oct 3 
SHOWCASE:   Oct 3  (6:30 pm)
CLASS FEE:    $100
Class Location:
Brainerd United Methodist Church
4315 Brainerd Road
Chattanooga, TN 37411
NEWSIES Musical Theatre Class (Ages 8-18)
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Instructor: Christi Barr
Back by popular demand is our Musical Theatre Class. Combining our vocal ensemble and dance classes into one big musical theatre class. This class will offer instruction in both proper vocal techniques, musical theatre dance, and some acting. Students will spend 8 weeks working on both the vocal and dance for songs from Newsies the Musical. This provides a wonderful workshop experience.
Space in class is limited. Register early.
CLASS ATTIRE: We recommend loose-fitting, flexible dance or workout clothing. Jazz shoes are best but students are welcome to wear dance sneakers, ballet shoes, or tennis shoes.